Job Vacancies

Country : UAE ( United Arab Emirates )
• Dubai
• Abu Dhabi/ Al Ain
• Sharjah
• Ajman
Available Positions :
• Cashiers -In-charge with the payments
• Merchandiser/Stocker- In-charge of arranging the items in the store and in the warehouse.
• Delicatessen Merchandiser/ Waiter- Sandwich and salad maker and knowledge in cooking.
• Butchery- Meat cutter
• Fishery- Fish Cleaner
• Receiving Clerk – In-charge on receiving the items upon delivery at the Warehouse.
• Cleaners – Cleaners in the mall, offices, schools, hospitals and other public Entities.
• Salesman- Promoter of Items
• Saleslady- Promoter of Items
• Company Driver- With GCC License
• Waiter- Food Server
• Cook – More on Filipino food